Power tools

Machinist Hammer

Machinist Hammer

                     Rubber Hammer

High leverage long nose pliers

      Cable cutter

          Hand tools Set

                    Tool box

         3 in 1 Staple gun

         Hacksaw Frame

                 Grease Gun

         Combination spanner set

              Hex key


        Digital Multimeter

             Hedge shear

       Lithium-Ion impact driver

      Lithium-Ion Mini Chain saw

              Lithium-Ion   cordless

                   Electric drill

          Rotary hammer

           Demolition breaker

                Circular saw

                  Jig saw

               Wall chaser

            Spray gun

               Aspirator blower

                   Table saw

               Y Type Wrench

             Adjustable Wrench

               Air Compressor


           Electric Soldering Iron

        Fibre Glass Measuring Tape

                    Floor Jack

             Heavy Duty Bottle Jug

            High Pressure Washer

              Pipe Wrench


                    Safey Goggle

               Folding Saw



                    Garden rake


                  PVC Pipe cutter


                 Bearing Puller

                     Safety helmet

              Marble cutter

               Angle grinder

              Air spray gun

                    Air washing gun

                Bench Grinder

           Lithium-Ion impact drill

          Lithium-Ion grass trimmer

        Lithium-Ion Pressure Washer


                   Electric planer

        Plastic tube welding tools

               Gasoline chain saw

                      Cut off saw

           Air grease lubricator

           Lawn Mower

 Gasoline grass trimmer and bush cutter

            welding machine

4″ Deep well pump with control box

                Foam Producer

Power tools are mechanical devices that are driven by electricity, compressed air, or internal combustion engines to perform a variety of tasks with increased efficiency and power. These tools are widely used in construction, woodworking, metalworking, automotive repair, and other industries where manual labor would be time-consuming or physically demanding. Power tools offer advantages such as increased productivity, precision, and convenience compared to traditional hand tools.

Here are some common types of power tools:

  1. Drills: Power drills are versatile tools used for drilling holes and driving screws. They come in various sizes and types, including corded drills that require a power source and cordless drills powered by rechargeable batteries.

  2. Saws: Power saws are designed for cutting different materials. Circular saws are commonly used for straight cuts in wood, while jigsaws are suitable for curved cuts. Other types include reciprocating saws, band saws, and miter saws.

  3. Sanders: Sanders are used for smoothing surfaces and removing material. Belt sanders, random orbital sanders, and palm sanders are among the most popular types. They are helpful in woodworking, furniture making, and refinishing tasks.

  4. Grinders: Angle grinders are versatile tools used for grinding, cutting, and polishing various materials. They feature a rotating disc or wheel and are commonly used in metalworking and construction projects.

  5. Nail Guns: Nail guns are powered tools used to drive nails quickly and efficiently. They are commonly used in construction and carpentry to speed up tasks such as framing, roofing, and installing trim.

  6. Impact Wrenches: Impact wrenches deliver high torque output and are used for tightening or loosening bolts and nuts. They are commonly used in automotive repair, construction, and manufacturing industries.

  7. Power Screwdrivers: Power screwdrivers are designed to drive screws with speed and precision. They are particularly useful for repetitive or large-scale projects, such as assembling furniture or installing drywall.

  8. Rotary Tools: Rotary tools are versatile handheld devices that can perform various tasks, including cutting, grinding, sanding, polishing, and engraving. They are compact and offer a wide range of attachments for different applications.

  9. Planers: Planers are used to flatten, smooth, and shape wood surfaces. They are commonly used in woodworking to achieve precise thickness and surface quality.

  10. Heat Guns: Heat guns produce hot air streams for tasks such as paint stripping, plastic bending, shrink-wrapping, and thawing frozen pipes.

Safety precautions should be followed while using power tools. It is important to wear appropriate personal protective equipment, follow manufacturer instructions, and be aware of potential hazards associated with each tool.

Power tools have revolutionized various industries by increasing efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. Their versatility and power have made them indispensable in many professional and DIY applications, allowing tasks to be completed faster and with greater precision.