About company

A pioneering private enterprise in the agricultural industry, Tamakoshi Heavy Equipments and General Suppliers Pvt. Ltd., was founded in 2009 with the goal of shifting the nation toward self-sufficiency by gradually changing the value chain and supply chain of agri-inputs. The current situation highlights the gradual and gradual transition Nepalese agriculture is going through from subsistence to commercialization. Mechanization developments, improved knowledge transmission, the availability of high-quality inputs (mini tillers, seeds, fertilizer, insecticides, and modern equipment), and improved crop stand are all contributing to this. THEAGS is connected to every link in the chain that holds Nepali commerce together.  THEAGS’s core strength is its Technical Department, which acts as a knowledge center, reviewing and recommending the products the company is about to launch, their necessity, suitability, and impact in Nepal’s context, whether they are seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, or modern agricultural equipment. It provides on-site and on-call problem diagnosis and resolution to farmers, as well as advanced instruction on many aspects of agriculture on a regular basis. 

Mission In Agricultural Mechanization
  • Timeliness of operation
  •  Precision of operation
  •  Improvement in work environment
  •  Enhancement of safety by reduction in drudgery of labor
  •  Reduction in loss of crops and food products
  •  Increased productivity of land
  •  Increased returns of the framer & improved living standards
  •  Improved dignity of farmer
  •  Effective utilization of farm resources & inputs
  •  Improvement in living standard of the farmer
  •  Progress and prosperity in rural areas

Ramji prasad chaulagain

Ramji prasad chaulagain


civil engineer

Janardan chaulagain

Civil Engineer
(Construction manager and supervisor)

Indradev chaulagain

Mechanical engineer
(Account Manager)

Why Us?

  • Quality Products
  • Affordable Price
  • Continuous Innovations
  • Ethical Business Practice
  • Excellent and Responsive Customer Supports
  • On time service management.
  • Mechanical engineer standby.
  • Civil Engineer standby.
  • Top notch site supervisor.
  • Machine Standby (JCB Backhoe Loader, Excavator, Pickup Bolero, Tripper)



List of Companies under us.

Charikot Automobile and lubricants suppliers pvt.ltd

(since 2021)

supply of electronic 3 wheeler Tempo and Spare parts of Machines

krishi samagri

Agriculture Supplies and Fertilizer sales  Center.

(since 2015).

Supply of Seeds and fertilizer


Hira bodh Agriculture, Animal and Fertility Industry.

 (since 2021)

Farming of Agriculture,Animal and Fish.

Upcoming Business.

import and export
RJ Group Of Companies
Import And Export of EV 4 wheelers, 2 wheelers and so on